Block Puzzle vs.Tetris – The Key Similarities and Differences

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzles are the most interesting games you can play when you have free time. They make you think and recharge your brain in ways previously not understood by many people. Tetris is another of these games that are similar in the form of a block puzzle and is often called a sibling game.

In lockdown times, the block puzzle game became quite the craze among players who wanted to connect online with people and relieve themselves from the stress caused by forced social distancing. Block puzzles became a regular activity that one could indulge in and play at the very hour that they pleased as there were many people online with whom you could always get a match that challenged your skills in the game.

Let’s check out the similarities and differences between Tetris and block puzzles and see what makes them so similar yet starkly different from one another.

Block Puzzle is An Inspiration

As we all know, it is quite true that Tetris inspires block puzzle games, and it was the game that came first. Tetris came as a game on the arcade machine which focused on building blocks and making combinations as long as possible. You could flip around the blocks and arrange them so they fit together, and combinations could be made that excited people and attracted them to the game from around the world.

Similarly, in Tetris, you must create combos to dissolve the pieces on the board and increase your overall score. The more combos you make on both games, the better your final score is.


Both block puzzles and Tetris gauge the ability of the player to make the maximum high score within a short period, which stands primarily true for block puzzles. The game of Tetris can go on endlessly as long as your playing area does not stack up completely with blocks and you have space for newer blocks to settle in.

The area to play Tetris is larger than the block puzzle area, and you get a lot of time to get the best score. Most block puzzle games are time-constrained, and you must think quickly to get the most out of a minimal time frame. Practice makes you perfect both in block puzzles and Tetris games and lets you get a better score in every match.


The only rival you have in Tetris is yourself, and the better you are at sorting out all the pieces, the more your high score will increase. In block puzzles, you can either test your skill solo or face random rivals on the internet and best your skills against them. The block puzzle is a race against time, and the score you get after the end of a round determines who wins the game.

In Tetris, it is a solo journey that you have to undertake to get better with your arrangement skills and make room for more pieces to come in till there is no room.

The 1v1 battles of block puzzles are its unique feature and make it stand out more than Tetris, from which it has been derived. You feel a sudden rush when you are playing the game, which adds a sense of thrill and excitement to the game, making it unique.

Arrival of Blocks

The blocks in Tetris come falling from the top of the playing area, whereas the ones on a block puzzle appear on a screen below the playing area. You can see three of the upcoming blocks in the game and, therefore, can prepare better for your future moves in the block puzzle game. Tetris is a tad bit difficult with the falling blocks as you have more limited control than block puzzles once they start falling, and you have to quickly arrange and place them in the proper position before they drop down.

Tournament Structure

The best aspect of block puzzles is that you can enter tournaments as per your choice and play in games where you get to win cash prizes and several rewards if you can beat your opponents. In Tetris, however, there is no such thing; you play the game for fun.

Many participants come in to play the game, get a reward, learn how to play it better, and improve their game. It gives a chance and opportunity for learning rather than going on playing solo, where you are unable to gauge your weakness.

However, suppose you want to participate in such games. In that case, you have to check with the apps before installing them, as not all have a tournament structure or offer rewards and cash prizes for winning against multiplayer opponents.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of their differences, both Tetris and Block Puzzles are interesting games and promise you an amazing experience each time you play the game. You can use specific learned strategies to improve your game, like not placing the block in the center, which robs you of any room to place future blocks later in the game. The more you play, the more you realize that both have separate identities and thus have developed audiences loyal to both playing formats. In modern times you can see Tetris making a comeback with new iterations while block puzzles are gathering more audiences to their side with increased competition and a simple style of play.

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